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Uttarkashi- The land that transformed me

Updated: May 30, 2019

Sun shining over the mountains of Badeti

Exactly a month before I landed at this beautiful place, I had no idea that a place called Uttarkashi even existed (Let’s blame it on my geographically challenged brains). The 200hr Yoga TTC that I had enrolled for at YBM was supposed to happen at Haridwar, which at the last moment was moved to the heavenly Uttarkashi.

It was my first solo trip to the north of India and here’s how I got there, I took a morning flight from Bangalore to Dehradun. It’s a five-hour drive from Dehradun and you can get frequent buses and taxies to Uttarkashi. YBM had already arranged my transport so I didn’t have to worry about it. The drive was breathtaking with ever so curvy roads, the beautiful Bhagirathi in a teal blue flowing parallel to the road surrounded by the mountains that filled your gaze.

The mighty Bhagirathi in all her glory

The drive did make me a little sick and I ended throwing up more than a few times, but thanks to the humble driver Haseeb for his patience.  We finally reached our destination “Chungi Badethi” at around 9:00 pm. I was too sick and tired to look around. So sick that I didn’t even realize how cold the weather was until I woke up next morning.

Early morning sunshine illuminating the river

I woke up the next morning when the sunlight kissed my face through the large windows of my room where I was going to spend the next thirty days of my life. It was mid-November, beginning of winter and for a person like me who sports a sweater in 23℃ living in temperature that sometimes dropped below 4℃ was quite a challenge.

Basking in the sunshine by the Bhagirathi

I got out of my bed, slid the curtains away and what I saw was pure bliss! The first rays of the morning sun emerging from behind the mountains and gently brushing the surface of the river Bhagirathi making it sparkle, forming crystals in shades of blue. Sometimes teal, sometimes turquoise, huge rocks placed randomly on the silver sand and when you look deeper you see a layer of delicately dancing Spirulina. The air was easy on my lungs and it felt so light.

View from the mountains

In a span of a day I had landed in paradise, and it was the beginning of a transformation. I began to observe every little detail in nature’s creation. The more I observed the more astonished I became and that continues. Nature has tremendous beauty to offer to you, all you need is an eye to admire it. And once you develop a habit of being mindful you are sure going to fall in love with your life.

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