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This time last year

Updated: May 30, 2019

It was around the same time last year; I worked with one of the finest e-commerce companies doing a 3pm-12 am shift. I usually spent my mornings switching between TV and the internet or dreaming about the endless things I wanted to do. Since it was International women’s day, TV channels were flooded with shows featuring women achievers from various fields and Google top stories filled with articles about women and their awesomeness.

And just when I was about to start feeling hopeless about my existence, I stumbled upon an article that read “101 Female Illustrators From India Whose Work Will Leave You Speechless” (I would like to call it the divine intervention). Little did I know that hitting this link would drive me to change my life. I had a sudden irrepressible urge to do something with my art that was accumulating dust in some corner of my home.

I immediately created a Facebook page, named it “Pen and Paper” as I was more into doodling at that point, photographed few of my art and uploaded them. I could literally feel a sort of fire emerging within me. Later that day at work I showed my page to 2 of my friends and they loved it (Thank god for the few amazing friends I have found along the way, they have always been a great source of motivation).

The name “Pen and paper” didn’t really touch my heart as it was limiting my quest for exploration. And then again, I stumbled upon the below image on the internet and that’s it! There was nothing else in the world that could describe my intentions better.

Via Pinterest

And now, after a year and a lot of adventures, here I am all determined to keep going.  New posts coming up about how yoga happened to me, where I get my art supplies from, travel stories and much more.

I hope you enjoy reading them. Cheers!!

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