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SHIVA - An art series

Shiva, a deity for some, a yogi for some others, an alien from an unknown planet for conspiracy theorists, an excuse to smoke-up for cannabis enthusiasts. Shiva means different things for different people. Being an irreligious person, I don’t quite recall when Shiva happened to me but ever since then, my understanding about myself has been transforming.

Shiva for me, is a state of being. A state every human is capable of achieving through conscious, persistent effort. A state of being everything and nothing at all, all at the same time. Shiva for me is a set of qualities that I have tried capturing through this series of artwork.

The Cosmic dance of Shiva

The Cosmic Dance of Shiva -17" x 24" Soft Pastels on paper

A state of eternal bliss, though the body is involved in intense movements, there is absolute stillness within. you are movement and stillness, all at the same time.

Tryambakam- the third-eyed one

Tryambakam- the third-eyed one - 17"x 24" Soft Pastels on Paper

A state of higher consciousness, where you are able to see beyond time and space, achieve clarity of vision and move into a higher plane of perception.

Shivoham- I am Shiva

Shivoham- I am Shiva - 17"x 24" Soft Pastels on Paper

A state of equanimity, where you are neither virtuous nor sinful, where you are beyond your fears, beyond birth and death, pain and pleasure, bounded by a form yet boundless.

ShivaShakti - the cosmic union

ShivaShakti - the cosmic union - 33"x 23" Soft Pastels on Paper

A state of union of contradictions, where your energy is in absolute harmony with consciousness, each complementing the other, each completing the other.

What does Shiva mean to you?

Do let me know in the comment section below.

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