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Seven hills home stay, Coorg – A great place for a quick weekend getaway

Seven hills home stay, Coorg

Located in the foothills of Bhramhagiri range of mountains, amidst the luscious green coffee and tea plantations of Coorg, Seven hills home stay is a perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life over the weekends.

How to get there

Nearest airport:  Bangalore (distance- 287.2km) Nearest railway station: Mysore ( distance- 115.3km) Nearest Bus stop: Srimangala (distance -6.9km) My favorite is to drive or hire a cab.

Once you reach Hunsur from wherever you are approaching take the Hunsur to Kutta route. This long stretch that passes right through the Nagarhole National park is breathtakingly beautiful with dense reserve forests on both side and you are sure to spot some spotted deer, peacocks, elephants and other wild animals chilling in the morning sun enjoying their breakfast and occasionally posing for your cameras. If you are really lucky you might even cross a Tiger (I wasn’t that lucky, maybe the Tigers were avoiding paparazzi..Haha). You can even opt for a jungle safari at Nagarhole National Park (don’t forget the vehicle traffic is allowed only from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm IST).

Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park

Seven hills home stay is situated at about 29.9kms from Nagarhole National Park in a village called Beeruga (Route map).

Best time to Visit

Throughout the year, but if you wish to try out some adventurous water sports like river rafting or zip-line July to October is the best time.

Things to do

The best thing to do is to relax, unwind and loose yourself in the tranquility of nature. 1. Visit the nearby Irrupu falls.

Irrupu falls, Coorg

2. Get lost in the lush green tea plantations spread across acres of land.

Photo Credit: Facebook Page

3. Go river rafting or try other water activities at Barapole River.

Source: Facebook page

4. Take a jeep tour of the Coffee plantations.

5. If you are a trekking enthusiast, professional trekking can be arranged at Bhramhagiri hills with prior notice (Includes permission from the forest dept and a forest guard equipped with a gun). 6. Evenings can be spent in front of the fireplace with a drink, some authentic Coorgie food and endless conversations.

Source: Facebook Page

7. And then you disperse to a good night’s sleep in their neatly maintained bedrooms.

Source: Facebook page

Now that you’ve had a virtual trip of south Coorg, it’s time to get there in real. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Seven hills home stay for your bookings.

Wait! did I forget to mention about the hosts!?

Well, I’m sure you are going to fall in love with Ajjamada family!

Enjoy your trip!

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