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Serendipity - of Love and Lessons

“Once In your life, you will run into somebody who will make you question things, who changes your reality, somebody that marks a before and after in your life. It is not the human being everyone has idealized, but an ordinary person, who manages to revolutionize your world in a second. - Unknown”

It was in 2011, when I used to be a quiet, timid girl who wanted to lead a simple, uncomplicated life. I was comfortable in my little shell, away from the emotional drama and ignorant about the world outside. When people discussed their love stories, I would either find them exaggerated, fake or filmy.

Soon after my collage, in an attempt to overcome my discomfort in talking to people and get some exposure to the corporate world I took up a job at a BPO and that was where I met him. Our first meeting was no less than a dramatic scene from a bollywood movie, but at that moment I never knew that one day he would mean so much to me.

He was from a different religion, not that I ever believed in religion but I avoided the smallest of complications considering my traditional upbringing. Have you heard this phrase “the more you run away from something, the more you run into it”? Well, that's what happened. There was something about this man that I couldn’t ignore with much effort. The feeling was unfamiliar yet beautiful. So beautiful that I felt ticklish in my heart when I saw him smile and all I wanted to do was to never let it fade.

Soon we became good friends; he was the first man I ever went out with, we wrote each other poems and sang songs. Talking to him would make me feel all new and inspired and all this seemed so unreal. I would leap out of my comfort zone without a second thought and put myself in challenging situations just to spend some time with him. But soon the constant messaging and conversations cut down as he got busy and I quit the job for a better opportunity.

Then began the real days of emotional turbulence, confusion, loneliness and a quest for peace which got me to contemplate all the ideas I had about life. I was overwhelmed by the sudden incomprehensible heaviness in my heart and the haziness in my mind. It was driving me crazy, but I had to figure it out. I spent my time thinking, re-thinking and over-thinking. I started to look around, out of my little shell, travelled alone and with people I wasn’t close to, took up reading and tried to listen without judgements. I made unwise choices, I tripped, fell and rose again.

And today after 8 and a half years, I stand stronger, happier and more positive about life. And along the way I learnt lessons that keep me grounded at different levels. I learnt to follow my heart and be grateful for what I have. I learnt to not dream of a perfect life but embrace the imperfections and enjoy it. I learnt to acknowledge my love without guilt, I learnt to love without expectations and be more compassionate. I learnt to ignore the flaws and appreciate the efforts. I learnt to trust the journey that I don't understand.

Today, all I feel is gratitude to have crossed paths and I believe life is too short to withhold your love. I often wonder what his side of the story would sound like and hope to listen to it someday if we happened to cross paths again.

Isn't it beautiful, how some serendipitous meetings push us to grow in leaps and bounds and leave us with lessons for life? Also, present us with memories to celebrate and be gratefully for?

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