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My insatiable love for Bougainvillea 

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

From ever since I can remember, Bougainvillea has always managed to spark some of kind of joy in me. No matter what state I'm in, a glimpse of these flowers bring my awareness back to the present where I take at least few moments to admire their beauty. I never really wondered or tried to reason out my love for these flowers until someone asked me about it one day.

My relationship with these blooms date back to my childhood days, where I used to play under a bougainvillea tree in our garden with my cousins. We would lay our kitchen on the bed of white and fuchsia flowers and pretend to run a home.

If I had to describe these flowers in a word I would call them "Carefree" light, delicate yet so full of life. I still remember every time my mother trimmed the plant, it would would grow back wild in just a few days. Probably it's this quality that draws me towards them.

Also, being around these flowers give me a very romantic feeling, most likely because of all the bollywood movies I watched in my teenage years (I just caught myself judging while said this). Or maybe because of their sheer beauty.

As I continue to wonder, these flowers continue to inspire me and fill my heart with an abundance of joy and love and more wonder.

Isn't it strange how we subconsciously associate emotions to things around us, it could be people or materials? And when we consciously sit and map it down, we realize that it was never about that thing or that person, it's almost always about how it made us feel. That's awareness and self awareness is super power! If you are wondering how to get there, here is a clue KEEP WONDERING!!

Are there things you get drawn towards which you can't really reason out why? Do let me know in the comments

Keep wondering stay wonderful!


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