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Being an introvert – A story every introvert can relate to

Updated: May 30, 2019

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Being an introvert in an extrovert-dominated world is quite a challenge because you are often perceived to be shy, arrogant and even boring. Here is a little funny story, I think most of us introverts encounter situations like these every once in a while.

So it’s your best friend’s wedding. You wake up in the morning looking puffy-eyed since you spent the entire night thinking, re-thinking and over-thinking about the various scenarios that you could possibly encounter at the event.

You have also spent ample time weighing different excuses of varying degree of realism that you could present to your friend for not being able to make it to the ceremony.Then again, she is your best friend and you wouldn’t want to disappoint her on her big day and you decide to go.

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You dig up your wardrobe, put on a blue dress you bought for a cousin’s wedding two years ago, some make-up just to avoid looking out-of-place and you are off.

Now you arrive at the wedding hall, feeling a little dazed because of the overwhelming crowd, but you manage to locate your friend looking her best in an elegant red saree, elaborate jewellery and the brightest smile to complement her attire.

And then comes a turning point, when your friend introduces you to her bunch of crazy friends. You spend the rest of the day with them, helping out in little things, accompanying them to the restroom, listening to their stories, laughing your lungs out at their dirty jokes and surprisingly you end up having a great time.

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It’s the end of the day, you are so glad that you made it to the wedding, met some amazing people and now, you really feel like saying a few words of gratitude just before you leave. You open your mouth, the air from your lungs hit the vocal folds creating a vibration which is modulated by your vocal tract and as your voice slowly hit their ears, Shhh…..there is an abrupt silence!

Suddenly, you become the center of attention, the gaping eye balls creates a little discomfort and you begin to wonder if you said something wrong. You repeat what you just said multiple times in your head only to end up more confused.

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And then you hear them say in a chorus “Oh My God… you know to talk as well?!” and all you want to do is RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Do let me know if you’ve had similar experiences in the comment section below.

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