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An epiphanic moment by the Riverside - Coorg in October

“Wildflowers danced along her way and butterflies fluttered in a joyous play,

as our souls bonded over wordless conversations,

we drowned in a sense of timeless kinship”

I wrote these lines sitting on a boulder, as my feet was being gently caressed by the flowing water beneath, my ears swooning to the symphony of nature,  my vision marveling at the absoluteness of creation and my soul connecting with itself on the banks of an unknown tributary of the river Kaveri.

Have you ever dream’t of travelling without a plan but with a guidance from within? Completely experiencing every moment of your travel, without thoughts of what to do or where to be next?  And if you are a solo traveler, without the fear of being attacked or kidnapped? I must admit that I was not only fortunate enough to live this dream but also to find a travel partner with a similar dream.

Coorg as a land is very close to my heart, mainly because it’s where I was born and spent most of my childhood years. It is fascinating that no matter how many times I visit this place, it doesn’t fail to offer a completely new experience every single time. This was one such soul filling experience.

Wildflowers reaching for the skies

October is one of the best times to visit Coorg, the Monsoons would have just passed, the weather remains pleasant, water bodies flow at their mightiest best and the green valleys gleam in the sunshine. Sruthy (@whisperer.soul) and I decided to visit the Chelavara waterfalls which is located near Cheyyandane village. We boarded a local bus from Virajpet private bus stand which dropped us at Cheyyandane village from where we hired an Auto Rickshaw to reach the base of the water fall.

Chelavara waterfalls which is located near Cheyyandane village, Coorg.

The last time I visited this waterfall a few years ago when it had just been discovered and not much in news, was a mesmerizing experience. We had spent hours exploring the area around all by ourselves with no restrictions. But now, when we reached the base, it was fenced with a bunch of forest guards around, after enquiring we found out that about 20 people have lost their lives there and to avoid any more accidents, the visitors are prohibited to go beyond a certain point  and we can only view the waterfall from a distance.

We were slightly disappointed, but recovered quickly and decided to walk barefoot to the bus stop which was about 4.7 kms. As we began walking, we were engulfed by the undiluted beauty of the place, we spotted butterflies and a wide variety of wildflowers, we saw the river flow at a distance and found our way to it. We sat beside each other in silence on the river bank for hours, completely present with our own selves, soaking in the vibe, writing poems in our minds. I felt a rare connection with water that day, an epiphany you may call it and when we decided to leave, I was not the same person any more. I felt empowered and every single cell in my body was bubbling with joy and inspiration. The memory of that day is still so fresh in my body and mind and I recall it with immense gratitude. It’s magical, what connecting with nature can do to you!

Why is that we sometimes forget to return or at least acknowledge the love we receive from nature? It is heartbreaking, that nature which should be available for every single being on earth without question is now restricted due to our own negligence. We have become so mindless and caught in our own gratification that we often end up disrespecting nature. There haven’t been a river bank that I visited so far, where I haven’t found liquor bottles and plastic. I understand you might want to enjoy the nature with a drink or two, but make sure you leave the place as tidy as it was when you arrived.

Here are few simple practices you could follow to show your love for nature and be responsible humans:

1. Carry your own trash bags and clear the place when you leave.

2. Make sure you keep the place safe for yourself as well as the fellow travelers (being drunk cannot be an excuse). If you are a localite, treat the visitors with respect, they are here to leave and not to invade your land.

3. Your selfies can wait, not your life. Be mindful of slippery rocks and water currents.

4. Pay attention to warning signs.

5. Last but not the least, be grateful!

Let’s choose to be mindful of our actions, when in doubt ask yourself “Would I like to be treated this way?” and you’ll just know it.

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