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My name is Yashika and I would like to introduce myself as an Artist, Traveler, Blogger and Educator to sound all fancy. But, what I am is just another human learning to find joy in everyday life.

Here is my story, since we are all a bunch of little anecdotes that find our way to each other through our stories. 

Few years ago in 2019, the naive and rebellious part of me set forth on a journey to change the world and make it a safer place to live. A few years down the lane I was faced with the reality that I wasn't being a safe place for myself let alone for anybody else. I had cultivated a culture of toxicity within me and was operating out of self-judgement, guilt, shame and blame. 


My journey then took a detour within. I'm rebuilding a safe and joyous space within me. Being observant and introspective are tools that help me listen to my heart and bring about positive change as I take on newer expeditions.

I started Go Gypsysoul with a vision to build a community with a thirst to embrace life in its entirety. I believe looking at the world through the lens of empathy and understanding is paramount for our growth. I love crafting first-person narratives that bring out the essence of people, places and cultures that will offer you an experience and enable you to think, question, and reflect to better understand yourself.


Hope these stories open you up to possibilities :)

All My Love,

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Published Work

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It's a Choice An Ode


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